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October 2021 Digital Living Page Banner: Crime and Punishment

Crime & Punishment

There’s something about autumn, with a chill in the air that makes us seek out thrills to enjoy from the comfort of home. This month we’re bringing you our top digital picks to satisfy your criminal cravings. We’ve got suggestions for true crime stories as well as fictional thrillers, procedurals and mysteries. Our final gallery will tackle the penal system in Canada. Before things get too romanticized, here are some quick facts from Canada’s Justice System to get you started: 

  • There are more people in Canada in custody who are awaiting sentencing (on remand) than those who are already sentenced
  • About ¼ of Canadian court cases are administration of justice offences (AOJO), such as failure to appear in court, breach of a probation order, being unlawfully at large, and failure to comply with an order. 
  • Corrections data shows that Indigenous adults accounted for 28% of admissions to federal custody in 2015/2016 while comprising  4.1% of the Canadian adult population. 

Fought the Law

Music, as it is with art, reflects lived experience and being on the other side of the law is a common one. Many have vocalized their brushes with the law, from Elvis’ rendition of Jailhouse Rock, to Punk protest, to the R&B and Rap stylings that showcase discrimination. Take a listen to how these experiences are characterized and the context of the time.